Brown Stripe – Kids

Uniform Requirement
Black School T-shirt and Black Pants, Black Uniform with white stripes or VIP Uniform

Please refer to the Rules and Requirements page under the Resource tab for earning tips

Black Tip Requirements
You must earn 9 black tips.  Each tip requires 7 lessons. 

Color Tip Requirements
Once all 9 black tips have been earned, you will begin testing for the 9 color tips plus the Silver Tip.  

Combinations – 12 lessons accumulated (see Instructional videos below)
Grey Tip – Back Leg Front Kick/Round Kick, Spin Side Kick, Back Punch
Red Tip  Offensive Front Punch, Skip Front Kick, Jump Front Kick, Back Punch
Yellow Tip Back Leg Round Kick, Jump Tornado Kick, Spin Hook Kick, Back Punch

Kicking Drills – 12 lessons accumulated 
Blue Tip –
Side Kick balance for 45 sec
Round Kick Balance for 30 sec
Orange Tip
35 Push ups chin & belt in 1 minute
35 Sit ups in 1 minute
Tie Belt properly on first try
Straddle & Splits
White Tip – All count kicks off the wall.  Practice with videos below
4 Count Side Kick

3 Count Round Kick
3 Count Hook Kick

Grappling – 12 lessons accumulated
Green Tip – Student will be tested on the Fighting Spirit
when partnered. You are no longer required to perform the Grappling Flows (videos below) for the Green tip but we highly recommend that you continue to practice.

Self Defense – 12 Lessons accumulated
Purple Tip –  Student will be tested on Self Defense techniques. 

Sparring – 12 accumulated lessons (Gloves, Foot Guards, Shin Guards, Groin Cup, Head Gear, Chest Guard are required)
Brown Tip – Student must be able to kick, punch and block with speed, timing and placement (STP) and show fighting spirit.

Board Breaking
Silver Tip –  This tip can only be earned on Board Breaking Day.  You do not have to wait till you earn your last black tip. 
1.  Student must break a board with a wheel kick within 3 tries.
2.  Students 9 years and older must break at least 1 Big Board.